Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sweet Sammies!

I have been loving this cooler weather and spending as much time as possible outside.  Rhy is such an active little girl and is always ready for an activity. 


Last week Rhy and I had a fun little outing to Sweet Sammies…we love it!  They have fresh baked cookies and tons of ice cream flavors.  You chose your cookies and your ice cream and then they put them together to make one fabulous ice cream sandwich.   My little pumpkin devoured our ice cream sandwich pretty fast and then went to work on her sugar cookies…there is no question that she has a serious sweet tooth.  I guess she comes by it honestly. 

Anyway, we were so excited that Lauren, Charlie and Annie were able to join us.  Charlie is Rhyan’s best friend and she loves when they get to play.  She was also beyond thrilled to see precious Annie.  I had no idea just how much she adores babies until Annie was born.  All she wants to do is look, kiss and hug on her.  It is the cutest thing!  I guess she is ready to take on her role as big sister! xoxo

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